humanistic and scientific revolutions (project 2)


I originally wrote this essay for Dr. Robb’s Unit 2 in September, 2018. I believe it was a strong essay, but it was definitely in need of some edits. I did lots of simple things to this essay, like cleaning up the language, fixing the footnotes and citation formats, and removing page numbers from the title page. (Throughout the year, we have definitely learned a lot about how to format correctly with Chicago and that improvement was clear!) I also added a much more descriptive title; previously, it was just “Analysis of Humanistic and Scientific Revolutions.” The main structural change that I made was tightening up my thesis. Before, my thesis had simply been that the Copernican Revolution and civil rights movement incorporated both scientific and humanistic elements; however, I made it more nuanced by arguing that including these is what actually allowed these revolutions to be successful. I believe this change in the thesis makes the essay more interesting and also more successful in arguing a point rather than simply making an observation.